Ancient Rome Tour (Skip the Line)


Imagine yourself 2000 years ago in this ancient cradle of the modern world (I can help you imagine it). We might also ponder just how little progress we’ve really made in the 2000 years since (for starters, I think our plumbing has got worse).


Tour Details

This is a three-hour tour with moderate walking. There is no driving.

Daily (Skip the line with your prebooked tickets)

The Colosseum Closed 1 January and 25 December.

Coliseum ( including inside)

Roman Forum

Capitol Hill


Coliseum (including inside)

The Colosseum Built about  70 A.D.  and in only ten years (thousands of slaves/no trade unions! ). Even when you learn how they did it, it’s still difficult to imagine. I’s a MUST.




Roman Forum

The Roman Forum is the where the oldest and most important residences, temples, shrines, monuments and much more were located in early Roman times.From the very earliest times  was the centre of the political, social, and religious life in Rome.

Like so many things in Rome you can’t just “look” – it has to be explained to bring it  “alive”.


Capitol Hill

It’s the highest, smallest and most sacred of the famous “seven hills of Rome”.

At the summit there is Piazza del Campidoglio, another of Michelangelo’s masterpieces. In the centre of the piazza is a bronze statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius (a copy actually – it’s a long story).